Our approach

Scrum – What else?

The entire world is constantly changing!
The demands placed on companies today change almost daily. Only methods that take care of these constant changes can also lead to success. In the project and product development area, we have been relying exclusively on Scrum as the method of first choice for several years.
However, Scrum is not a panacea for all problems that will arise within a project. Scrum gives us the tools to react quickly and adequately to changing requirements. However, this requires that all people involved in the project have really internalised Scrum. Scrum is not just a method that can be stubbornly followed, Scrum is an attitude that has to be lived by the team in order to be successful.
The focus is on mutual respect, appreciation, independent work, openness to change and the will and commitment to create the best possible.
Our approach to selecting the right software solution for your company is also based on the Scrum process. Defining long lists of requirements in Excel, which are then sent to numerous software manufacturers in a tendering process, is not the procedure that will lead to success in our view.
We want to find the best solution for your company individually and this will not be done with the help of meaningless lists of requirements!
Rather, we will work with you to identify the most important scenarios for your workflow and create so-called user stories from these. Based on these user stories, selected software manufacturers can now present their solutions. This not only serves to find out individual solutions for your requirements, but also to assess how your future partner knows how to deal with your concerns!

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