Choose the right (DAM) Solution in Three Steps

The best way to choose the right DAM solution!

Data Talks

A guest blog post by Ulrich Leidl.


Many companies all over the planet are constantly facing that challenge: What is the best way to choose the software solution which fits the company’s needs best?

Let me give you a short example to describe a concrete scenario: Let’s assume that you are working for a retail company, which sells their products across the whole omnichannel chain. For various reasons your existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) System, that delivers your multimedia content across all channels no longer fits your needs. So it is time for a change!

As the principal Product Owner of your companys ominchannel process, you are responsible for finding the best DAM solution for your company!

But how will you proceed? How can you identify, in a fast and efficient way, which DAM solution will really fulfill the requirements of your users. Most likely you will start by…

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